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It is Back-to-School time! Moms and Dads, don't forget to bring your child in for an eye exam!

A comprehensive eye exam is one of the important preparations for children in ensuring that they are set to succeed in the new academic term.  Watch this video to learn how critical an eye exam with a qualitifed optometrist really is in catching vision problems that could hold children back from full achievement.


Our New Jersey and Brooklyn eye doctors offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lens services, advanced screening for ocular conditions, and more.

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While most people schedule regular check-ups with doctors and dentists, many are not aware of the importance of an annual visit to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams can be the key to the early detection and treatment of emerging vision problems, eye diseases and a number of other health issues.

When you come to one of our locations for an eye exam, you will receive comprehensive service designed to find and correct any vision or eye issue you may or may not be aware of by one of our New Jersey Optometrists. Don’t take good vision for granted, schedule an appointment with one of our Optometrists today! 

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AUGUST 10, 2012

Author: Dr. Kerry Gelb at the American Optometric Association Annual Meeting

Studies show certain vitamins, minerals may lower chances of AMD development, progression It may be possible for patients to decrease the risk of progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by following a plan that emphasizes a diet containing foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, following a healthy lifestyle (exercising, not smoking), and protecting the eyes from the damaging effects of blue light....

You Gotta Love Lutein

What is lutein and why is it so important for healthy eyes? Lutein is a naturally-occurring carotenoid (or pigment) found primarily in dark green, leafy vegetables. Kale, spinach, and garden peas are the richest sources of this nutrient, but it's also present in zucchini, pistachio nuts, Brussels sprouts, yellow corn, kiwi fruit, and egg yolks...

Corneal Refractive Therapy

What is Corneal Refractive Therapy?

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is a sophisticated, non-invasive, non-surgical process which reshapes the cornea while you sleep. You remove the lenses when you awake and are able to go throughout the day without any other correction.

OCTOBER 11, 2012

Patch It Up

Does your son or daughter have a lazy eye? Amblyopia forms when the brain switches off or suppresses vision in one eye. This may occur if your child isn't able to see properly through one eye because of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, or something that's limiting clear sight in that eye. In most cases, eye patches are the central and most productive part of treating lazy eyes. We generally tell our patients to have their patch on for a couple of hours a day, and patients will usually also require corrective glasses. So how does patching actually work? Well, for the most part, employing the use of a patch encourages your brain to better communicate with the weaker eye, and over time, strengthen it.

It can be frustratingly challenging to have your child fitted with a patch, and no less when they're quite young. When their good eye is covered, it makes it harder for your child to see. It's a confusing paradox- your child is required to cover their strong eye to help their weaker eye, but this can only be done when their better eye is patched, thus restricting their vision. But don't worry; there are quite a few tricks to encourage your child to wear their patch. Implementing a reward chart with stickers given when the patch is worn can be great for some kids. Eye patch manufacturers are aware of your plight; patches are available in loads of patterns and colors that kids will love. Let your child be a part of the process and make it an activity by giving them the opportunity to select a new and fun patch each day and then putting a sticker on the chart when the patch stays on. Older kids can usually comprehend the process, so it's useful to have a talk about it.

A successful result is dependent on you to stay focused on the long term goal.

Contact Lens and Vision Woodbridge is the only New Jersey optometry office that offers RHA preventive Retinal Eye Image


The RHA is a non-invasive camera that uses multi-wavelength technology to image the innermost layers of the eye. Using multi-spectral imaging (wavelengths), the RHA eye camera enables our Woodbridge eye doctors to assess your eye and general vascular medical health. The camera gives our doctors high resolution photographs of up to eight eye and retinal layers.


The RHA Report software gives patient friendly reports that show the earliest possible eye problems. As with most chronic disease, an early diagnosis can lead to lifestyle strategies that may help prevent catastrophic blindness.


Why RHA Report?


The RHA camera allows our eye doctors to understand not only problems of the eye, but in many cases, the status of the patient’s general health. The RHA multiple eye images give multiple views of our patient’s blood vessel health; this is why the eye is often referred to the window to a person’s health.


Viewing the retina is a way eye doctors can see your blood vessels and the health of you vascular system without having to perform invasive surgery. Many times the optometrist is the first to diagnose diabetes, hypertension and risk for stroke, using RHA can help find these conditions much sooner. The RHA image can also help diagnose the following common eye diseases sooner; macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease. In general the earlier a disease is diagnosed the better the prognosis.


The instrument helps our physicians understand your eye health by providing enhanced and highlighted views of your eye. This test gives valuable information to our doctors allowing the most comprehensive complete eye exam. It also helps the doctor with the final eye assessment and counsel.


The test is safe, quick and will give a permanent record. Comparing photograph from year to year is another benefit because it also allows for early diagnosis and prevention.


Feel free take make an appointment for RHA eye scan as part of your comprehensive medical eye examination. Contact CLV at 732-855-7950.




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